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Our models of sanitary trailers

Multisan 2 | Prestige

Elegant and discreet


The Multisan 2 Prestige sanitary trailer is the ideal portable toilet for those seeking unique and luxurious comfort in complete privacy. The double Prestige trailer is perfect for events, weddings, corporate parties, and private gatherings. Thanks to its discreet appearance, it provides outdoor events with two independent bathrooms that are as luxurious as indoor bathrooms. The Multisan 2 Prestige will quickly make you forget that it's a sanitary trailer. These retractable aluminum stairs provide easy access to the 2 mobile bathrooms.

The Multisan 2 Prestige trailer includes two independent bathrooms. The first one features a toilet with a porcelain bowl, a Corian-like countertop, a sink, a porcelain urinal, and a mirror. The second one features a toilet with a porcelain bowl, a Corian-like countertop, a sink, and a mirror.


Both bathrooms have a vinyl wood-like flooring, a window, an exterior lock, a Bluetooth sound system, a light, an air conditioning system, an air exchanger, and heating. Its aluminum exterior and air conditioning/heating system ensure absolute comfort and maintain a suitable temperature both in winter and summer.

Our teams of qualified operators will be delighted to maintain your sanitary trailers according to the determined frequency and your needs: emptying, cleaning, and replenishing sanitary products.


  • Service for emptying wastewater, water supply, and concierge service: Available according to your needs and the duration of your event.

  • Electricity: The customer must provide the necessary electricity. See the table and/or technical sheet.

  • Water and sewer connection: No connection is necessary. The sanitary unit is self-sufficient in terms of wastewater and fresh water.

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